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Knives of Lore was born out of our family's passion for quality craftsmanship.  We have a love for collectibles and we have traveled the world to find you knives that you would want to add to your collection.  The Fraschini family roots run deep in Italy and the richness of our heritage and eye for quality comes alive in the images of these pages.  Peter Fraschini has been collecting knives for many years and has put some of his prize pieces on display for you to see.  Peter has the ability of recognizing the quality and understanding the right value for each knife.  His travels ranging from the craftsman strong hills of Italy, to the expanse of the United States, has given him the ability to build a collection for your enjoyment.


The rolling hills of Italy are the source of artistic creativity and style, that have been carried on by generations of craftsmen. Knives of Lore builds on these traditions and brings them to you, here, in the United States, and adds the flavor of craftsmen from all around the world.


















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